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My TOP TEN cons to homeschooling (for fun)

1. Parent-Teacher conferences do not reveal any new insights.

2.  Need a break without hiring a sitter? Expect messes. LOTS OF MESSES.

3. There is nobody to complain to when the teacher isn't doing her job.

4. Art class consists of painting each other instead of the papers, because the teacher had to use the restroom.

5. No teachers assistants.

6. Trying to get out (shopping, appointments etc) without them! Never free unless I hire a sitter. $$

7.  No substitute teachers to call in if you are feeling sick or burnt out.

8. Taking phone calls. I have to run outside and walk around the house to get a call without major interruptions. 

9. Blogging without kiddos interruptions is impossible (unless you get up super! early or go to bed super late)

10. Nobody keeps the kiddos at their home for you when they are sick.


Erica said...

hahaha, I like it.

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