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Fall Break?

One thing I love about homeschooling is it's flexibility!
   When we suddenly had our landlords "want to visit" (read: walk though our home like the local house police/inspector [apparently an odd, but common thing property owners do out here, supposedly to make sure you are keeping the house in good shape, but it felt more like an invasion of privacy. Not that the place was a mess but I don't typically invite people I barley know to visually inspect  every. single. room in my house either.  I won't lie to you, it was somewhat traumatizing to me. I am a very private person. ]) 
 They finally took note that the patios on the property were getting dangerous (the lower side patio being the worst).
Well, that lead to a immediate decision to get it done by the landlord and the very next day they had heavy equipment out, and they were ripping out walls, tree stumps, cutting tress and the like. Yikes! They also decided to just rip out the entire concrete and brick patio off the back of the house as well.  They will be replacing it with a wood deck instead.  That was a little bitter for me as we really loved that patio.  I just pray the wood deck will be an upgrade not just a stop gap for them to spend as little as they can to "fix the problem."

But that leads to homeschooling.  Its obvious we cannot school with chainsaws, huge dump trucks, and tractors ripping at the foundations of the house! It's just too distracting!  I am so joyful that homeschooling allows for flex-time. We can take our breaks as they present the need!

So this week will be about construction, materials, design, logic, equipment, tools and materials instead. Life lessons are often the best homeschooling after-all! :D


Erica said...

I would feel invaded too. My landlord was coming to pick up a dryer yesterday, and he ended up coming when I wasn't home. I still felt a little funny, knowing he'd been in the house. I'm glad he doesn't come around for inspections. We would never pass! Hopefully it doesn't take too long on the deck!

Diana S. said...

We only passed because we are blessed with ample space in this house. The clutter monster is my worst and most tenacious enemy! One day, I will prevail, but then I'd miss my kids... (lol).

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